Save money on your energy bill, with a high efficiency heat pump

Choosing the right heat pump will keep your home warm, energy efficient, and reduce gas emissions from the environment.

When it comes to heating your home there are many options. Some systems are better suited to colder environments, but because East Texas experiences a mild winter, a heat pump may be an excellent choice for your home.

Heat pumps not only heat your home in the winter, but they will also cool your home in the summer. Using the same general mechanism as a central air unit, a heat pump produces heat by essentially reversing the process used to cool air. It’s that simple.

This is an image of a Ruud Heat Pump with an indoor air exchanger- Wi-Fi controlled
As with any component to your central air conditioning unit, it is important to have a system built that is tailor made to your home environment. To get the most out of your investment into central air, let Delta T evaluate your home and comfort preferences so that we can custom design a system that keeps you comfortable and saves you money.

How do you choose a heat pump that is right for your home?

Choosing a heat pump is no small matter, as you need to consider the size of your home, the desired level of energy efficiency, and your system budget. Our central air experts can help identify the needs and of your home and develop a plan for building a system that meets all of your expectations.
Do you need to make a change to your central air system, but aren't sure where to start? Take a look at our free system estimation tool to get an idea of how much your new system cost based on energy efficiency, and the size of your home.


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How does a heat pump work?

The interesting thing about a heat pump is that it has both a refrigeration mode and a heating mode. Both modes operate in a similar process of absorbing heat energy with a liquid refrigerant and then turning it into a hot gas.

The refrigeration cycle:

In this image, we demonstrate the first step of the heat pump process

Step 1:

Liquid refrigerant is pumped through an indoor coil that serves as an evaporator. The air inside the house is pulled across the coils, where the heat from the air is transferred to the refrigerant. This cools the air down and it is pushed back into your home via ducts. As the liquid refrigerant heats up, it begins to evaporate into a warm gas.
In this image, we demonstrate the second step of the heat pump process

Step 2:

The warm gas is now passed through a compressor and becomes pressurized. As the gas is pressurized, it heats up even further, so we have hot pressurized gas that needs to be moved outdoors.
In this image, we demonstrate the third step of the heat pump process

Step 3:

A fan housed in your outdoor unit moves air outside across your coils, which are now serving as condenser coils in cooling mode. The air outside is cooler than the hot pressurized gas that we just created, so when the cool air meets the pressurized hot air heat is transferred. As the refrigerant loses heat, it reverts back to a liquid state.
In this image, we demonstrate the fourth step of the heat pump process

Step 4:

An expansion valve reduces the pressure of the liquid refrigerant, significantly cooling it. And now, the process is ready to start all over in an ongoing process to cool your home to a desired temperature.

The heating cycle:

The heating cycle works the same way, but instead the flow of refrigerant is reversed. Reversing the flow of refrigerant means that the heating source becomes the outdoor air and the heat energy is released on the inside.

What are people saying about Delta T?

Delta T is highly reviewed for cooling and heating service and repair in the areas surrounding Lake Livingston and Trinity Texas. We like to think our track record speaks for itself, and we are grateful for all of our customers who take the time to spread the word.
  • 2016
    They are amazing... 

    Honest, trustworthy, hard-working... 

    Definitely the guys to call when you have had enough of the other companies who just want your money. These guys do what those other companies said they can't or is not possible. I recommend them highly especially if you are having a/c issues or have any questions or concerns. Call them. 

    They are more than willing and able to answer your questions/concerns and not charge you an arm and a leg. The best part is they will get you cooled off so you can focus on the important things in life. Thanks for your hard work and fixing my a/c and always being just a call away when I had some random question.
    Jose M. Perez
    Review from Google Business
  • 2016
    OUTSTANDING!!! Travis cares about his customers, his timely arrival, professionalism, and great knowledge makes him a great businessman and entrepreneur. He drove over 75 miles from his place of business to fix my emergency with my A/C units. He worked very diligently and double checked every item that needed to be fixed. He did not leave until the units were running correctly and that I was satisfied with his work. His work is way more than what he chargers for the job. He does not charge a service fee just to check out the units. If you don't use his services you will be wasting your time with others.
    Dennis Kozak
    Review from Google Business
  • 2017
    Can’t say enough about how great Travis and his team of techs are. They arrived on time, left everything clean, explained all the work they were doing so I understood. He is so knowledgeable and honest, I had been told I needed a new unit, but thanks to Travis and his team they cleaned everything and Travis said I did not need a new unit mine was functioning properly. It is so hard to find good honest companies to work with. Travis is definitely my HVAC guy. Grateful a friend of mine referred him to me. I will happily refer him to friends and family. Thanks again Travis!
    Kittie Scallan
    Review from Google Business
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