Savings: Variable-Speed Efficiency

RELIABLE & LEGENDARY 1) scroll compressor technology makes the Ultra Series as efficient as it is durable. The 2) optimized fan orifice also contributes to quieter operation, optimal airflow, and better overall performance. Simply put, you get efficient comfort that lasts a very long time. The built-in defrost capabilities are an added benefit that means your unit spends less time defrosting and more time warming your home.

A QUIETER & MORE DURABLE UNIT starts with our smart new 3) composite base pan. The design helps eliminate corrosion and adds to quieter performance. Extensive UV testing was done to ensure the base pan stays looking new for years to come. Our enhanced mufflers and improved refrigerant tubing design also contribute to a quieter, more reliable operation. For added strength, 4) curved louver panels 5) rugged corner posts do an excellent job of protecting the inside.

FAST & ACCURATE INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE means your savings start with the installation of your new unit. Our Ultra Series Heat Pumps are built to go in fast and easy. The 6) easy access to control box & roomy diagnostic service window mean maintenance calls go quickly, saving you time and money.

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